Secretary’s Message 

Young Ignited minds are the need of the hour in our society and in our country. To make Vision 2020 of a fully developed India, a reality. Today’s children are the tomorrows pillars of our nation. They contribute their might in various sectors viz industry, technology, research and politics. Hence they are to be provided with good education so that their talents are recognized and nurtured. This conducive environment is created in our institutions-Shanti English Medium School and Shanti Junior College of science. These institutions by hard-work mould the students to become the right citizens of India with self confidence to face the everyday challenges with courage and to be successful in their chosen fields of endeavours.
Our efforts have just began a decade ago and we are highly successful in our mission with the help of the parents, children, teachers and the Principal. Our every action in our institution will be a step in knowledge dissemination.
I wish all success to all concerned.
Siddheshwar Patil