Rules & Regulations of School


  1. Children are expected to be in the School by 08.30 am. Sharp 08:45 am. School gate will be closed.
  2. In test and in exams 10 marks will be deducted for each day if your child will not come with ID to School.
  3. Students must come in full uniform. Red colour sweater/scarf during winter season.
  4. Every Wednesday I std. to X std. students must wear their P.E.T. uniform.
  5. Students will be suspended for one week if they misbehave. Further repeated L.C. will be issued.
  6. Money and Jewellery should not be sent, if brought and lost, School is not responsible.
  7. Whenever school requires a photo, students must provide it with their school uniform without fail otherwise, it will not be accepted.
  8. If your child is absent, a leave note must be written in General note book with parents signature.
  9. Parents must not bring tiffin bags, it must be sent along with the child in a separate bag.
  10. Students must wear their school uniform for any extra classes, external competitions, exams conducted in the school or outside the school.
  11. Students must not bring chocolates to School on their Birthday. V Std. and above students must come in school uniform on their birthday. If they come in civil dress, they will be marked absent.
  12. Those who will secure 90% and above in VII std. will be eligible to take Sanskrit subject in VIII std., which they have to continue till X std. No parent or student will ask for Sanskrit subject if the student will not get 90% and above in VII std.
  13. Syllabus paper can be downloaded from our school website. []
  14. Students are expected to by heart, write their homework & get parents signature in homework and test note books daily.
  15. Students who are selected for inter house or inter school sports competitions only will be called for evening practice. Parents are requested to send them. Timing : Evening 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. from V std. & above.
  16. Every notebook must have the following – 1) Father’s specimen signature  2)  Mother’s specimen signature  3)  Guardian’s specimen signature  4)  Landline Number  5)  Mobile Number  6)  Residential address         7)   Adhar Card Number 8) G.R. Number
  17. Please bring the Parents Entry Card during every visit to the School, to pay fees in bank, to see result, to obtain bonafide certificate, L.C., railway concession, to take your child during school hours.
  18. If the Parent’s Entry Card is lost, an application along with Rs.100 should be submitted in the School office to obtain new card which shall be issued after 2 days only.
  19. If the Bank pay in-slip is lost or misplaced, parents can collect it from school office by paying Rs.100/-
  20. An application along with two photos in school uniform and Rs. 10/- should be submitted in the School office for Bonafide Certificate or for Railway concession forms (only during vacation) and the same shall be issued after two days only.
  21. After clearing the school dues, one can apply for leaving certificate. An application along with Rs.100/- should be submitted in the school office for LC and the same shall be issued after two days only.
  22. Mobiles and FM radios must not be brought to school, if brought and found by any school staff, it will be given back only after paying Rs. 500/-.
  23. During School hours parents are not allowed to meet the teachers. Parents can meet the teachers regarding their child’s progress only after School hours.
  24. Your child will be marked absent if he/she will not take part in the competitions, if he/she will go home during school hours and if the parent will not come to see the result on result day. This will be considered for 100% attendance.
  25. If any correction is there in Parent’s Entry Card, any change in mobile no. or address, you are requested to inform in the school office and get it updated.
  26. Please don’t send your child to school if he/she is suffering from any contagious disease.
  27. Your child will be charged for causing any damage to the school property.
  28. School will not be responsible if your child gets hurt in School Premises.                                                           [Classroom, Lab., Activity Room, Corridor, Staircase, Toilets, on Playground, etc.].
  29. Your child must take part in the activity according to their Class which is given below:                                                             a) Students of Nursery, LKG, and I std. will have activity (Self development) in School.                                                       b) Students of II Std. and IV Std. will participate in Cubs & Bulbuls one day camp in School.                                             c) Students of UKG, III std. and VI std. will participate in gathering.                                                                                       d) Students of V std. and VIII std. will participate in Scouts & Guides one day camp in school.                                         e) Students of VII Std. and IX Std. will visit Smruti Udhyan bagh.f) Students of X Std. will                                                   visit Solar Energy Centre.
  30. Any change in our daily routine or holidays will be informed through students in advance.